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Aj please reread my last post you are have not completely seen all of it by your quote. I was still writing it when you quoted it. that answeres why I was having a hard time editing it you were quoting.

please bear with my posting I am in a remote area using a cell phone as a modem. we are having a typhoon and my computer goes offline hence I post and edit and repost took some time yeaterday.

but reread it for all the whole thing. god gave me more to sahre with you. And don't assume I don't have knowledge because I wont study your numbers in the Bible. My reason for not doing it is seen above in my long post to you.

I have greater knowledge of the KJV Bible than you think. and I could share more of that but it is not necessary.

however. you may have knowledge but you lack wisdom. they are different. Also knowledge comes from God when a man does as God commands, not what man thinks God wants like converting numbers in the Bible. Again give me a scripture address where God is commanding us to count numbers? the only one I found was in Revelation and that is to people in the Great Tribulation and that was to count a mans name not number or doublings or multiplications. or dvisions subtractions or removals.

I do know this every man I know who has gotten of the pure word into rabbit trails such as yourself in Numberology, have lost their minds, voices, families and lives.

Beware in what your dabbleing in for you know not the evil you are toying with.

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