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Default Hebrew Masoritic Text Editions - Which is Best?

A key ingredient to me in the Bible Versions Equation is the Old Testament Hebrew Masoritic Text. It seems the controversy can be focused on the edition used in the New King James Version. Bible scholars claim the New King James Version uses the Hebrew Masoritic Text, without explaining which edition they use, the Ben Chayyim or the Ben Asher editions. Dr. Waite says the New King James Version uses the Ben Asher. So says Gail Riplinger, I believe. I think a good explanation is needed at this time explaning the differences between the former Ben Chayyim and the Ben Asher edition. Why the change and what is wrong with the change. I realize The Ben Asher uses the Leningrad Manuscript (B19a or "L.") Does anyone know a difinitive answer? Of the hundreds of books I have, I have no extensive or conclusive answer. I believe the truth here is not being examined properly or maybe explained enough, at least to satisfy the inquisitive mind. There really should be a concise conclusion to aviod a gaping hole. Can anyone assist in this endevour?