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don't put words in my mouth OK. we are without law and works that would give us Gods Favor. but the christian is saved for good works that God has prepared for them to walk in and we are to maintain good works but non of that is meant to keep us in a right relationship with God or gain his favor. my good works are not to repay him for what he has done but for a reward promised me when I get to heaven. thenI will lay all those crowns at my Saviour Jesus Feet for he made it all possible for me.

I have all of Gods favor at any moment his over flowing blessing continually as long as I am rightly related with him not just in Christ but confessed up of my sinfulness.

and even if I sin God still is blessing me to the max you know why. because His son died on the cross for me and you to give us all his favor (grace) and blessings. he never cuts me off. it is I who cut my self off by sin and pride.

yes the Princibles of the OT law are in the NT they are restated and they are impossible for you to do unless filled and led, and guided and taught by the Holy Ghost.

blessing bro.