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Hi, I'm a bit quiet and didn't involve so much in the discussion...I want to learn from what all you have to say on this issue - Biblically. I found an article by a Pentecostal preacher, which seems interesting:

Praise Dance, Worship Dance — Is It for the Church?
By Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

What some Christians call “praise and worship dance” is practiced in a number churches today. Those that encourage Christian praise dancing usually are Pentecostal or charismatic churches.

I personally have a number of friends in Christian ministry who encourage worship dance as a New Testament truth. Some even create a specific “praise dance ministry” in their churches. These are good men, and I genuinely respect the sincerity of their beliefs on this subject. However, in the light of the Scriptures, I do not share their conclusion that dancing in church is a biblical worship form for New Testament believers.

In the balance of this study, I would like to share from Scripture why I do not believe that God has established praise dancing as a worship form in the New Testament...

Here is the link to his full article: