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"The enemy of the gospel of Gods Free Sovereign Grace is under attack more than ever in this day and time we live in. The Fact that the bible teaches God is Free and Sovereign in the administration of His mercy and salvation, Is eclipsed with the man exalting concept that man has the freewill, hence man is sovereign in his own salvation being he at anytime may utilize his freewill and get saved."

God is free and sovereign. however he has chosen not to intrude upon mans independence in a way that God makes the choice for him. God will move by the Spirit in his heart and give him the clear Gospel of Grace or faith alone in Christ finished wok. God will do all he can to save man. but he wont save him apart from his freewill choice to accept Christ's Work for salvation. God leaves that to man this one thing as he is moved by the Spirit to believe or not believe. However Roms 11:32 tells us God has concluded all men in unbelief that he may have mercy on all.

this does not mean all men will be saved by Gods mercy. but surely implies man must believe. all of John teaches that and all of the Episitles teach it.

I will email you a book to better help you understand Gods grace or at least help you to defend your position. send me a private message with your email

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