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Default Thread: For Pentecostals Only (hopefully)

[QUOTE=Revangelist;2095]evstevemd, I'm referring to the fact that in several threads where I expressed the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today and I don't take the extreme view of eternal security and all the "Baptists (not sure if they were all Baptists, just held the Baptist view on those issues)" thought it necessary to "fix my error" and the discussion got "far away" from the thread-topic. I really don't want that to happen in this thread. I was hoping to have a discussion about the authorized 1611 Bible.

Like, I had heard that there was some kind of scandal or something about the NKJV and Thomas Nelson and I can't seem to get any information about such a thing. I was hoping someone here could tell me one way or another.[/QUOTE]

Hi Revangelist,

I notice the thread got way off the subject. I know nothing about thisscandle about the NKJV and Thomas Nelson. but the issue seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Is there anyone out there that can shed more light on this matter for Revanjelist. or are you content to just let this matter slide?