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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Well, no, the Philistines already had their way with Saul, just a few verses up. They cut of his head, paraded his body around the land, and pinned his body to a wall. I suppose of motive was in play, shame and embarrassment over what had been done to the bodies might have been a factor -- but that is mere speculation, just like saying Paul was talking about burning his dead body in 1Co 13.

I find cremation a distasteful practice, but I have to admit that my opinion on cremation is not backed up directly in Scripture. Given that we are three pages into this topic and nobody has produced a single verse clearly condemning cremation, perhaps we can come to an agreement that there is nothing Scriptural to be said of it one way or another, and we ought to let people do as they will without burdening them with guilt over something that God didn't bother to comment on in his Book.

I think you said it.....................and that is the bottom line. It ain't in the Bible............. Can't put a square in a round hole.

Still trying to absorb all the posts and I've learned quite a bit. You guyz are amazing...........! Brandon.............1 Sam. 31:12-13 was excellent.

Sorry for the multiple posts............I'm still trying to figure out this muti-quote thing.