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Default Thanks Jassy

I understand your position and have no intention of attempting to push you in another direction. It is just so difficult to find the same content about issues such as the evils of feminism on KJB sites.

If there were such a site then I would do exactly what you are doing and stay clear of the rest. I suppose that it is in my heart to find the best things that I can that will either help or interest others. I won't post anything on this forum with the motive of pushing my own views or putting those of another down because I am not on here for that purpose.

Yes I do have strong convictions and I try hard to get to the bottom of them which is the main reason that I am on this forum (To give and to learn on issues about the KJB).

Doctrines like the theory of evolution are things we all have to fight against as believers and thank God that men like Kent Hovind (a KJB believer) is out there on the web. But that is not the case with every spirit that is infiltrating the church.

Anyhow, someone else may benefit from those links (we never know how the Lord will work!)

God bless you for your kind spirit