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Originally Posted by Winman View Post
Greenbear said

Well, to answer your question. I have been a Christian for 44 years, having received Christ as a boy of 11.

I love the way you dispensationalists whether ultra, hyper, or whatever you call yourselves, believe yourselves to have superior knowledge and discernment over other Christians. It is just as several of the articles written by famous men of God have said.

From Dr. H.A. Ironside:

Of course, I'm sure you believe yourself to be far wiser, more knowledgeable, spiritual, and having more discernment than this famous preacher.

If you would read his 7 chapter article, he will prove with scripture (rightly divided) that your belief system is absolutely full of error. Here is the article if you care (or should I say dare?) to read it.

Pastor Ironside was absolutely correct about those who follow this false teaching. They are full of intellectual and spiritual pride to an appalling extent.
I don't hold myself up to be superior to any other christian. Just the opposite is the case. Either way my judgement means nothing because the Lord is the one who will reward us according to our works. What I wrote is what I believe the bible teaches. I believe you are wrong and I wouldn't care if everybody disagreed with me. Show me where I'm wrong, Winman. But you can't because you don't rightly divide the scriptures.