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Jesus Brought NO labels.I don't care who are you! I know one Man Jesus,as Mediator and my savior,One body which I'm Part of,The Church[Believers in Jesus],One triune God,Elohim!! I believe Holy Spirit is Comforter and comes with Gifts and when rightly exrcised for Glory of God and for Benefits of Church and God's Kingdom;Believers have that Apostolic[I mean Early Apostle's] Power of turning worldUpside Down!
I have witnessed too power of God that doubtless I know it is there.
I was repairing mobile phone but I didn't knew what was wrong. I commanded to be healed [made hole/whatever you can term it] in Jesus' name and it Happened!

I have Many times rebuked pains,diseases,...etc and respond in Jesus' Name

Our Brothers Michael Have Many testimonies from their Ministries!
Just Drop at

These have been one of my favorite sites!!
God Bless you!!