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I am not Calvinist and I believe you are saved by faith alone. after the cross God has placed all people in unbelief rom. 11:32.

the only sinyu can go to hell for in unbelief. John 3:16 In the Gospel of Grace it says whosoever believeth. also it says in John he that believeth has everlasting life he who believeth not is condenmed already. all of us were condemned in unbelief before we believed.

Read the Book Grace By Lewis Sperry Chafer. is in not a Calvinist either. as I said they Calvinism and Arminianism Are two extreme theologies invented by men. better off reading your KJV.

No man need will go to hell because of the sins of Adultery, murder, lying, cheating, fornication, covetousness etc... because Jesus Christ was teh Propitiation for all the worlds sin. the only sin the condemns one to hell is unbelief.