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Default calvinism and arminianism

Something that has greatly stumbled me when I was at this local baptist church where the pastor was a follower of Calvin, is this: Surely, this pastor must have known what kind of person Calvin was. Besise being of a great intellect and having written many so-called wonderful works, and beside having become extremely powerful in Geneva, Calvin also used this power to persecute many people who dared disagree with him. From what I read, Calvin was a cruel man and did not have the fruits ofthe Spirit in his life. Jesus said: "By their fruit you will know them".
Predestination is a word and a subject that is in God's Word, but why would anyone insist on studying this subject from such a man as Calvin who, amongst many of his false doctrines, insisted, even after his so-called conversion, that salvation came through baptism into "the church". WHich church might that be??? His, of course. Certainly not the Anabaptists' church. These were such simple people that, most likely, they were gathering in their own homes, and did not have official "church buildings". Liz