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Originally Posted by Lively Stone View Post
Well Bro. Brandon I have treated you better than I would most people who would start attacking a thesis
Perhaps that was your first problem -- you viewed me as attacking your work, when I was doing nothing of the sort.

By your own admission you have not considered nor studied the matter but will at some future date.
You've misunderstood me. I certainly have studied the issue of who "the god of this world" is. What I said is that as I approach this topic in my study in the future (meaning tomorrow, or even in a few hours, etc) I will keep your position in mind.

Read the thesis and pray about it. Don't be dilligent like the new perverted bibles say but Study.
You seem to make statements designed specifically to put me on the defensive. Here you've alluded to my forum handle (Diligent) and then imply it has something to do with modern versions. I know the verse and the modern corruption of it to which you refer, but my KJV has the word "diligent" in 14 verses.

By all means, encourage study. Study is a Christian man's duty. But don't lace your encouragement with such vitriol.