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Originally Posted by Lively Stone View Post
I can understand that a seminary trained denominational pastor would have to defend their position even it it were wrong.
Never been to seminary, am not a pastor. Just a Bible student interested in understanding God's word. I've got no problem with reading your position and even discussing it with you, but you seem quick to turn things personal. You're quick to assume I have some ulterior motive in my responses other than an honest exchange.

The fact is, the idea that Satan is the "god of this world" is nothing novel and certainly not an invention of mine. You really need to ease up a bit in the "you don't believe God" nonsense. It's just not warranted.

I'll be considering your viewpoint carefully in my future study. I don't know that there is anything else to say about it than that.

As for your other points -- you brought up more than just this one verse in your posts, including who has the power to blind mens' eyes, etc -- and so I responded to what I thought was the totality of your arguments, not just the one specific issue in the thread topic. I'm not trying to confuse things at all. You ought not be so suspicious.