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My Opinion is we are to busy yolking people to Christian Morality and rules (placing them under law) that we forgot what the early church taught on being filled (possessed for lack of better word) by the Holy Spirit. A Christian needs to know he (or she) has the fullness of the power of God in them at the moment of Faith in Christ finished work onthe cross. once a believer then all he has to do is be possessed by the Holy Spirit (which will make no visable manifestation like laugher or barking ((that's Demonic)) ). and when he comes under temptation, Trial or misgiving taught he must yield to the Holy Spirit Rom. 6:12 ... Yield your members unto God"

life in that manner is so much more victorious than any of the youcan do it rules of many churches today. if your salvation in by faith then your whole life must be lived that way too. it is God who worketh in you to do His will and good pleasure. it is Gods work to make your life correct in this dispensation. to take rules of conduct from other dispensations and adobt them for the church today is wrong.

Get Lewis Sperry Chafer's books, Grace, He that is spiritual, true Evangelism, and others you will find a teaching he learned from Larkins' who learned it from others. nd it is not Calvinism either.

if you would like some send me a private message with your email address and I will be glad to email you some zip copies of his books.

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