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Bro. Parrish
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I think Jane Fonda should be executed for her crimes against America. That doesn't mean I'm going to take a gun and do it; that means I think the rule of law should cause justice to be served. In a good nation, Obama would have been kicked out as a traitor if not hung.

There's a difference between what America should do (as a nation) and what we are COMMANDED to do as Christians.
Geez, all this talk of killing...
so you want AMERICA to do the execution work eh?
See last time I checked, America is made up of people.
So what you're saying is, you think OTHER people should deal with the problem, well---whatever brother, I can't follow your logic when it keeps spinning like this.

I just find it funny that you want everyone to HONOR the guy while you are screaming about tearing his head off and calling him a "reprobate."

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The South should secede and create its own nation founded on the original principles of the USA...
Okay, you are jumping around and you lost me there...

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but we as Christians are COMMANDED to be in subjection and submission to the authorities placed over us, regardless of who they are.
Nonsense. I understand this to a point, but I think like many of the brethren, you're taking your Bible way out of context and pushing this way too far when you say, "regardless of who they are."

If communists and murderers are placed over America they should be thrown down and replaced with good leaders, by force if required. Don't worry, the nation will handle it. You won't have to get involved brother, you can even honor them if you want as we are kicking them out the door.