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Default Genesis + Romans

Originally Posted by aussiemama View Post
It seems that there are passages in the Bible that teach that God hates sinners. I don't like that idea, but it appears to be Biblical. My whole life I had heard that "God hates the sin, not the sinner" but somewhere in Psalms it says that God hates sinners. What is the truth on this matter?

G'Day aussiemama.

To answer your question: There is NO such verse as that! It is often mentioned and tossed about---usually by evangelists or preachers who are trying to get folks to "Make a decision or a profession" to believe in Jesus Christ,,,BUT without the need for repentance.... { in other words: It is trying to tell folks that Jesus is their good friend and wants to be your pal/buddy/"mate"... versus the Biblical message which is that: All haved sinned--- But there is a Hope, a Remedy, A Saviour---> Christ Jesus died for sinners. He is NOT "our good buddy in the sky". Wrong views of The Lord often (always!) lead to wrong thinking about sin and salvation, and the need of a Saviour.

Another one that often is heard/said/told is: "God helps them that help themselves." That is not Bible, but is rather from the writings of one of America's Founding Fathers-- Benjamin Franklin. A smart man in many areas, but not a Theologian.

Another that is used quite often by some Christians is not a Bible verse, but is actually a line from a Campus Crusade Tract: "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life." { Which is almost like the title of a book that the J.W.'s ( The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society) pass out/sell....}.

The easiest way to check out whether something is actually in The Book is to open up a Concordance and look for one or more words of the sentence/verse that you recall hearing or reading and start looking/comparing.

... I did this many moons ago when I went to a Pastor at a Church I had been invited to ( He had preached a sermon about believers having Faith) and I went up to him after the service and told him: "I can't find it right now (using the Index of my Collins Bible) , but I'm sure that [I gave the Ben Franklin quote] is in the Bible". He graciously smiled at me and challenged me to go home and "keep looking for it"... Well, 30 some years later and 2 Concordances and nearly 6 Bibles,,, still haven't found that "verse"---

Aussiemama--- I don't know if you are a baby Christian, or a Child/Teen/Adult/Senior in your Christian walk... Not meant to be insulting, I just don't know. Therefore please accept this advice (No charge/No Tip) as I think it will help you understand the "Basic Plan" for all humans... by The Lord God Almighty. If more Christians would read the book from cover to cover, they would see "The Big Picture". Too often people read a "Devotional Verse" for the day... without ever reading the whole context of the chapter, and the section of the Scripture that the one verse came from.

If you want to know what God our Creator says about Sin and sinners, I would urge you to start with Genesis 1:1 , and go to the end of Exodus. Then turn over to the Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament and start with chapter 1 verse 1, and read to the end of Romans.

...I'll give you a hint: Adam and Eve got us in Big Trouble with a Holy, Just, and Righteous God... but that very same God is all-knowing and ... Now you'll have to read the rest to see "The Plan"... Then let us know what you find as you travel Canaan, and the Sinai campgrounds, then over to the big city on the Italian "boot", and think back to the early Christians who were trying to live in a ungodly city. "Take up and Read!" Bye-for-now.