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Vince, you have a problem with that line of reasoning.

You are saying God loved, as in past tense, prior to the cross, and his love was demonstrated by the cross. So you are saying God loved the world (before the cross) so he sent his begotten son (to the cross).

But Psalm 5:5 is pre-calvary, and it's the only verse in the Bible that says God hates sinners.

So before the cross - on the one hand you have God hating sinners, and on the other hand, you have God loving the world (the world means the whole world - don't redefine it brother - it doesn't mean, some people of the world - there are none righteous and God is no respecter of persons). So which is it?

If Psalm 5:5 applies to the day of judgment when the wicked stand before that great throne, and God casts all sin away from Him and no sin dwells in His presence, then there is no problem with these verses.