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In the 1970's, I remember when they were predicting a new "Ice Age" was coming upon us. I remember how scared people were. And how they were all talking about "that's how the dinosaurs died..." and I was imagining freezing to death, in a very unpleasant (and painful!) manner. I guess now it's the opposite. Today I'm not so gullible as I was back then. It wasn't true then and it isn't true now.

Scare tactics have always been a very effective method of bringing the masses into a new line of thinking that benefits certain categories of people. Scientists love the grant money and so they'll doctor data or misrepresent the data by either alluding to something that is not supported by the data, or conveniently leaving out part of the data, while focusing on one minor point and making it all-important.

Our earth goes through cycles of warm and cold over centuries. It's certainly not feeling any WARMER in the winters of Wisconsin!! We've had some record snowfalls the last couple of years, including a major blizzard last year.

I remember reading, about a year ago, an article that showed that there is ANOTHER side to this global-warming issue. If you want to get grant money, you'll toe the line and give the public what they want them to hear. The article referenced some type of professional letter that had been signed by MANY prominent scientists, debunking the myth of global warming and telling people that the media only prints what they want us to see.

Brother Forrest, next winter, send some WARMTH to Wisconsin. 40 or 50 feels downright balmy in a Wisconsin winter!!