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As for the "Original Scriptures" (yes I said it because we do have lots), you can buy the texts Tyndale and Martin Luther used (1516 Erasmus Greek-Latin Parallel New Testament: First Edition):
LOL, even at the offered prices of $65,000 - $2 Million, those are still translated copies!
I didn't see anything on that website penned in person by the Apostle Paul. Strike one.

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It's amazing how many original texts survive, people who say we don't have any would have to be living in a bubble! <-- bibleworks has compiled all bible texts into software, as well as numerous concordances. I plan on buying that amazing peice of software in due time. Literally EVERYTHING, all translations, all texts, the ultimate bible resource.
LOL, go buy all the "software" you want, it's still comprised of translated copies. From my bubble I can tell you that any single mother, jobless tramp or curious teenager can go down and for a few bucks own today's "ultimate bible resource," it's called the KJV and it won't cost you the price of a house. Check with your local Bible-believing church, they'll probably give you one for free. That's strike two.

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As for the Hebrew texts, the KJV translators used the masoretic texts - any KJV supporter should know that. Jerome used them too (or something identical), the Hebrew texts are very well preserved.
Or something IDENTICAL? You mean a copy?

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For the great isaiah scroll (written by Isaiah himself), you can see original scans of it here:

the KJV translators used it (or a copy of it anyways)
Well which was it man, A COPY OR THE ORIGINAL????
The sad part is, your failure to recognize the real PRESERVATION effort is not going on in some glass case or document vault where people have to pay $65,000 to own a translated copy. It's being preserved right now, today, for EVERYONE TO ENJOY AND LEARN.
Strike three... YOU'RE OUT! I tried to tell you, don't say you weren't warned.

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