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Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
Okay brother, let's go one further, is the first copy of Leviticus just as "inspired" as the original? The Levites made a copy of the OT Scriptures and then destroyed the one they copied from. NT Christians did their best under the circumstances to preserve their copies of the Scriptures but there is just a point when they have to be recopied onto other media, but the Jews destroyed the worn copies of the OT. I have held in my hands a NT in the Russian language written on toilet paper for obvious reasons: it was easy to conceal from KGB informers among the people and it was the only media they had to write on.

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My answer should be consistent throughout the rest of the steps you take further. Was the first copy as "inspired" as the original? I would say that it is inspired to the extent that it agrees with the original. If it was a perfect match to the original, then was just as inspired.

As a side note, I am curious about destroying the original copy once a new copy is made. Was that an ancient BC custom or do we only see that practiced by the Masoretes?