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From Biblecorrector's website:
The Pure Cambridge Edition (first published circa 1900) is the product of the process of textual purification that has occurred since 1611 when the Authorized Version was completed, and has been used (often unwittingly) as the received text for many decades. Millions of copies conformed to this edition were issued by Bible and missionary societies in the twentieth century. This text stands in contrast to all other editions (especially newly edited and modernised ones). The providentially established and correct text has, among other things, “Geba” not “Gaba” at Ezra 2:26.
But the 1611 itself says "Gaba" doesn't it? So then, if any edition says Geba rather than Gaba, it is not by preserving what the 1611 says, but by going back again to the Hebrew and re-transliterating! Who gave your 1900 bible correctors the authority to do that?