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Whenever I think about that marvelous day, I imagine what the weather was like so early that spring. Perhaps is was fresh and a little cool with a light mist in the air and the mixed fragrance from the grass and early tulips or maybe lilacs starting to stir from the dawn about to break. Mary walking down to the tomb with quietness, thinking about the aftermath and what her life would now be like without His presence. Great sadness and feelings of terrible burdens unlifted. Pained anguish but alone in her thoughts. Maybe still thinking about the three hours of darkness which was probably still a-buzz throughout the area. Then as she neared the tomb she could see that things where different even before she got there. The Roman guard were not moving - any previous time they would have been walking around, light quiet conversations about life but today was as quiet as an air lock in deep space. Maybe the air pressure was different like a high altitude city in the mountains. She might have had a little trouble catching her breath, then she saw the light from the angel...What an impact...what an event...what a hope...what a vision...what a marvelous blast of divine love.

Thank you Lord Jesus