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Ahh...Hi Greg "Ziggy"
I am the one who stated this on YouTube.

Here are my sources:
"God's Secretaries"
this site:
You will notice that the reference is relegated to footnote 30 and softened in tone.

Nevertheless, the backdrop for this statement came from your allegation that Rudolf Kittel was a Nazi, therefore we ought not trust the Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia. I followed up and made the corrective statement that I don't reject the KJV because there was a "drunk who was a translator." As a side note: Beer, as a beverage, was far more acceptable in the days of 1611. It is highly unlikely that Catholics, especially then, would slander others as being "drunk."

We don't make our text choices based simply on the private lives of individuals that did the translation work. We make our text choices based on the accuracy of the translation. To put all of this in perspective, my exact position on the matter is that I believe the KJV translators were excellent scholars who produced an amazing work in their time. Perfect men? No.

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