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Sad - but if you have read some of his novels, you would probably see he is getting more liberal as time goes on, more swearing and suggestiveness. In fact, some of his latest novels no longer have clear cut good and bad guys. One of them had corrupt lawyers (who were imprisoned) trying to blackmail a gay guy who was running for President. I liked some of his earlier novels as a younger believer - but when I reread a couple a few years ago, I realized that they were not as clean as I remembered - in fact, I had a hard time reading them a second time around.

If you do a search of his bio, you will also find he was the co-writer of Cujo, a horror novel by Steven King - though only King put his name on the novel because Grisham was not an established writer yet. So his writing career started off wrong, seemed to go good for awhile, but now is bordering on immorality and more and more offensive.