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Default The New Testament Pastor - Charles Shong

The New Testament Pastor

The common use of the term “pastor” to refer to the man of God who is supposed to lead a church is taken for granted that there is New Testament injunction for such a practice. How many Bible readers really check the New Testament to find out how many times the word “pastor” or “pastors” is recorded in the Bible? The result may indeed come as a surprise to many who really bother to check. Do Christians actually investigate the usage of the term “pastor” or “pastors” as recorded in the Holy Bible? Nowadays, the office of a “Senior Pastor” has become popular in many churches. Is there such an office documented in the Bible? Is a pastor an office title to begin with? What does the New Testament has to reveal about pastors and how the early churches oragnised themselves are some of the main questions this book seeks to address. - Charles Shong
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