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Bro. Brandon,

I am not trying to defend anything, but understand the thought process. Now that I've exhausted all the Scripture on the subject, I feel as if I understand your position.

You Quote:
Are you suggesting that this verse means that the pastor happens to be a shepherd and therefore because he is brutish that his flocks will be scattered?????
That sentence makes no sense to me. I don't understand what you are asking, since I maintain that the pastor is not a shepherd -- unless you are reading a modern non-KJV (think about that for a minute!).
Well, with the "my church" comment I see how you come to read that passage as you do.

I read nothing but a KJB...

I am not intending to defend any position at this point. Just wanting to know how you read the passages as opposed to how I've understood them. I honestly have never used the term shepherd in reference to any pastor and I don't think I've heard it used many times in the churches I am in.

And here is the crux of the matter: you are trying to defend Nicolaism and set the pastor as someone separate from the church he is supposed to be serving.
I can see how you would think that, but honestly I don't believe that. LoL I'm not even sure I can correctly pronounce that. I have not disagreed at all with anyone's duties of a pastor, elder or deacon and George did a great study on the church that I agreed with wholeheartedly (until the end in which I need to process a bit more )

Being a pastor's wife for 10+ yrs I am very well aquainted with the "position" of a pastor and being a servant to the people, an ensample and have seen my husband lead humbly yet with authority when teaching the Bible. Bro. Brandon I don't think we would disagree on that topic.

You're not seriously applying these verses about Israel to the Church, are you? Besides, that passage proves pastors and shepherds are different.
No not applying them, but pulling out all the stops so to speak LoL And I see what you are saying, pastor is one - shepherd is another.

Thank you, I've no more questions...................tonight