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No it is not a little ridiculous as the word knew and know are uses more to refer to sexual activity. you would have to deny Gods word. and it is obvious that it was sexual because there is nakedness involved, and the Knew what his son had did surely indicated it was sexual in nature.

no, I am not saying the mark was black. I asked if anyone knew then I figured it was the wrong place so I removed it. I have know Idea what the mark was but it would have to be seen from at least 200 feet. so those who saw him would not kill him.

We may have linked a nation of people together in our post but we never used the word black. but you can't say you don't know where the black nation came from. we all know the Ham is the father of black nations. even the Hebrew today know it. Ask any Jew who is the father of the Black nations and they will tell you HAM.

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