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You sure quote a lot of scripture but you're not rightly dividing the Word very sharply, it's getting mangled in the process. I'll have time later to more fully respond to you and there are a lot of issues!!! but right now I want to say I find it ironic that you would quote Col 2:18 to me after another flurry of vague scripture references (that don't address any of the facts drawn from scripture I laid out in my earlier post) followed by another proclamation from you about how much you know!!! I study and only accept as truth what God has seen fit to reveal to us about angels and demons. You need to sharpen your sword, brother, you're swinging it around hacking at everything in sight but failing to make any clean cuts. That said, you are my brother in the Lord and I value knowing you. I just have to tell it like I see it.

Your sister in the Lord,
I get testy when I get frustrated. I mistreated you in this post and I do regret it and I am sorry. You are right about Christ not being born with a sin nature. I think maybe it is my SDA background that had me confused. You see, even when it seems there is no teaching or edification happening it may be that we just can't see it. I want to thank you for impelling me to search the scriptures for the answer to that very important question tonight. I'm going to work on not posting when I'm frustrated with someone. I'm going to wait until I'm in full possession of my faculties. I hope you aren't really considering leaving this forum.

I never thought I would meet someone who I thought went too far with dispensationalism but with you I believe I have. God uses different dispensations throughout history in His dealings with mankind. I think you go beyond mankind and try to apply dispensations to the spirit realm. Does Satan's kingdom just stop what they're doing and sit idly by because the church age is in progress? If I shut my eyes real tight I might buy it. People in this world today suffer demonic possession or oppression. Just ask missionaries to places where the gospel hasn't taken hold and the people are living in a highly occultic society. Just ask the satanist or witch who is trying to come out of the occult and has demons that nobody will acknowledge or if they do they don't know what to do about it. It sounds real good to say that trying to understand everything we can about this topic is not so useful because it's not street preaching. God doesn't give everybody the exact same job at the exact same time. I'll pray for you and your wife that you don't get sick but remain healthy. Please take care of yourself.

In Christs love,


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