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I am a Preacher and Sunday School Teacher and I am looking for advise on handling a Jr. Church issue I have.

I got a group of kids who know the Bible very well and love Gods Word, I have got 4 with learning disabilities, I have no volunteers to help. These Children are hard to handle and are disrupting the service, we just don't have enough teachers to make a separate class for these children, it's like a dog sled with a poodle in the pack.
Have any of you ever been in this situation?
What I am looking for is methods of Teaching /Preaching to two groups at once, at different paces.
Any prayer, appreciated.....

I have not been here in a while,, I am for lack of better words,,, too busy.
Thanks for your God heart towards those children.
Have you considered them for deliverance.Sometimes devils harasses children and afflict them! It takes Holy Spirit to teach and preach.I pray that grace of God might abound mightly in you to do his will!
Ev. Steve