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Gerardous Bouw is a geocentrist, meaning he believes that the sun orbits the earth. He develops this view from a literal interpretation of the Bible. I don't know that he is a KJV-O, but he does say that he "insists on using the Authorized Version", and that is where his Bible verses in his articles come from. His Web-page is and he publishes a quarterly mag called The Biblical Astronomer. So...what do you guys make of this? This was the first time I knew that there was any scientific question as to "what-orbits-what?" His science seems pretty good.
M, one thing I have learned is because someone says they are "KJVO" does not necessarily mean they are right. Charley Manson once stated the KJV was the correct Bible and we all know what he did. The violent and quasi-guerrilla Christian Identity Movement have factions who are KJVO. They seem to believe the weapons of our warfare are carnal ones, like bombs and shooting abortion doctors. I believe Eric Robert Rudolph was CIM. We must remember Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower, had nothing but a KJV to teach his twisted theology from for several years till Westcott and Hort came along with their corruptions.

I don't place much stock in Geocentricism or any other fringe research as this. I am not being cranky but ask, what do these fringe investigations have to do with the gospel of Christ? Steven Hawkins stated in a book back in the late 80s that examination of all distant bodies showed that they were moving away from the earth at an equal speed and direction, placing the earth as the central region of the Universe> I thought that was interesting that someone so high a profile as he would make that statement. Geocentricity was the doctrine of the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages till Copernicus demonstrated the fundamentals of motion for heavenly bodies.

What I find to be a real mind blower is the implications of Rev. 1:6 and that the Universe was created to be inhabited.

And will be.

Grace and peace


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