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Regarding Bro. Parrish's remark on how God can use all different personalities; I agree fully. It is when the willpower of a person replaces truth as the driving force, or effectiveness of their communication, that I think a listener should become very skeptical. Strong personalities are not the only way to deceive and corrupt. Powerful displays of compassion by speakers identifying with the poor and needy by showing psychological weakness is used to promote the errors of liberation theology, which I have another post on. Any admirable human quality can be used to enhance deception by people who learn the theatrical methods. My reference to Charles Finney is because he was observed to overpower people psychologically during his sermons. He apparently thought that conversions could be made by getting people excited. The "new methods" used for evangelism included ignoring the Biblical instructions regarding different functions for men and women, which indicates to me that he thought his promotional abilities placed his judgement above the Bible.