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I taught Jr. Church for a few years, even without any problem kids I still would not do it myself. There was always the need for help with projects, skits, etc, plus in this day and age I feel more comfortable having another adult there just in case of any charges I was being unfair or abusive (though I never had a problem with that either). At the very worst you might need someone to go get a parent if a kid gets out of control or something while you stay with the kids, unless you have pagers in your church.

If they know the Bible well and love God's Word they must have faithful parents. Aren't there any parents at all that are available to help on a rotating basis, once a month or so? I've also had teens and other young people assist at times, besides being a huge help to me I believe the responsibility and experience was also beneficial to them, though I always tried to one other adult there too.

We also went to where we had one service a month without Jr. Church. That gave both the kids and I an opportunity to be in at least one Sunday morning service a month with the main congregation, and relieved somewhat the need for more assistance.

I'll pray for you. Otherwise I can't see how you can get around the need for an assistant.