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Will Kinney's (brandplucked's) post on the TR only position is very clear and good.

As far as I can tell, Scrivener did not translate the English into Greek, but looked for Greek sources that he thought the KJB translators followed. Also, he made a few "corrections" (i.e. corruptions) of his own as well. And so while the TRO position is better than the modern version view, it is still an imperfect view.

If any textual criticism view means rejecting, suspecting or discounting any word of the KJB, that is a wrong view. Sadly, the TRO can never have a perfect translation because they have no perfect Greek edition or settled TR to begin with.

Whereas, we see that the KJB is a kind of Textus Receptus, and is the correct form of it, even though it is also a translation.