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Default Re: " Spiritual Death?"

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
"You can't consider Spiritual Death, the same as physical death. The Spirit and Soul are eternal, they came from God who is Eternal. As God said to Adam, the day you partake of the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil you will surly die.

When Adam ate the fruit, his Spirit and Soul became the enemy of God, and as far as it was concerned Adam was dead. So spiritual death is separation from God by sin, Christ sacrificed himself for that sin. And restores the Spirit and Soul to life, in those who believe.
Aloha Samuel,

Could you provide me with some Scripture to support your opinion? We can "speculate" and "hypothesize" all day long as to what we "think" spiritual death means, but we need Scripture to settle all matters of faith and practice.

That is one reason why I Posted all of the verses (that I could find) on the matter. Perhaps someone else with more discernment, understanding, and wisdom than I, can come up with a SCRIPTURAL DEFINITION OF "spiritual death" or "spiritually dead".

Look up the phrase "spiritual body", I have heard all kinds of definitions for the term, i.e. the church is a "spiritual body"; a Christian has a "spiritual body", etc. But when I checked the Scriptures I found that the phrase is used ONLY ONCE in the entire Bible:

[1 Corinthians 15:44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.]

The Holy Scriptures defined WHAT a "spiritual body" is = The Resurrection Body of a child of God. It is not the church; and it is not a Christian (Pre-Resurrection). I care not what anybody may think or say a "spiritual body" is, the Scriptures defined it for me - perfectly.

The same goes for "spiritual death" or "spiritually dead". I want (need) a Bible definition of the term - all else is speculation and private interpretation.

I would rather be ignorant, or not understand a spiritual matter, than try to make it "fit" my concept of what it should be. I don't have to understand everything - if I don't "get it", I let it lay until God reveals to me (from His Holy word) the truth of the matter, and if He doesn't, I just let it be.