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Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
What I have observed is the forum is stacked pretty deep in Ruckmanites who don't tolerate criticism of a man, particularly when his teachings on the topic of the thread are brought up.
Tony, I love you brother, but you've got to be kidding.
Who has not "tolerated" your posts?
I think you have been tolerated quite well.

You have been "tolerated" while calling believer's baptism a "sacrament," which is a slap in the face to every Baptist pastor here at best and rotten leaven at worse.

You have been "tolerated" while saying Pete Ruckman uses "body guards," and calling Bro. Ruckman a leader of a CULT, which is a fantasy out of a vinyl-bound Pauline training manual written by a Hyperdispensationalist.

You have been "tolerated" while name calling and vomiting up personal hate bombs, including calling me a "chicken and a Neanderthal," to the point where you got so CONVICTED you had come back and apologize all over yourself.

Maybe I missed the part where the administrator called you out and told you your behavior would no longer be "tolerated" or that your posts would be censored. DID I MISS THAT BROTHER????

Now come on Tony, get off your high horse. I think what you are saying is, you would prefer it if we all sat silent, hanging on your every word while you tear down Baptist pastors. I think what you are saying is, you were upset when Ruckman's article exposed some errors about Hyperdispensationalism and cherry picking Bullingerism, and you are STILL ANGRY because everyone here hasn't started eating that ultra-chopped baloney sandwich you are promoting.

TONY, TONY, TONY. Relax man, enjoy the ride, sing a little chorus of Kumbaya. Maybe one day we will all be blessed enough to perfect like YOU. Now you can puff up and act like a hognose snake, roll over and stick your tongue out if you want, but don't give me that trash about not being TOLERATED.