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Good morning Jennifer,

Again, after thinking through this thread and comparing Scripture I believe Bro. Forrest and I are in agreement on this issue.

I said - God does hate the wicked and those who reject His offer of love at the cross.

You said - You are saying that God hates unsaved sinners.
Show me a passage that says God loves present tense those who reject His Son.

Please keep the love verses in the context of the lost.

The Bible says He hates ALL the workers of iniquity.

You quote verses from David where he professes hatred for those who hate the Lord.
Next you quote two parallel verses which have nothing to do with God or man hating the wicked.
OK. I'm sorry. You've succesfully shown that I cannot post intelligently. But granted I did invite anyone to do this by saying "Again, feel free to pick apart my thinking" LoL

I've admitted in this thread things such as "And to just throw this out there" - "I clearly didn't phrase it that way" - "thinking this through" - "I am afraid I did a poor job" - "I jumbled thoughts and Scripture quotations." there are more such like phrases. You are not pointing anything out to me that I am making no sense LoL But thankfully Bro. Forrest and Bro. Paul understood what I was trying express and answered my questions.

So please, if you are trying to understand this "Hate the Sin, not the Sinner" idea please ask Bro. Forrest and Bro. Paul as they are clearly better equipped to answer your questions. If you want to know my position read their posts they will do a much better job at explaining my position.

Jennifer you said: You are saying that the reason we shouldn't hate the wicked (unsaved) is because we can't hate righteously because most of us are carnal.
Nooooooo...I said that even if we WERE to hate the wicked that I don't think most of us COULD do it righteously. To quote post #37:

Bro. Forrest you asked:

Quote Bro Forrest:
I’m not convinced that now those of us who in Christ and are under grace should ever hate individuals who sin. Perhaps you know of a verse that instructs those of us who are saved, to hate the sinner.

No, I know not of any Scripture that says such.
In the discussion between Bro. Forrest and Bro. Paul I do not think either one of them thought I was saying we should hate the unsaved!? But was honestly asking...and then as the thread went on determined with their help we should not. You said the reason we shouldn't hate is that we couldn't. Nooooo...the reason we shouldn't hate because we are not told to do so.

As to the passage you quoted in Matthew...That's a great passage but what point are you trying to make?