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Default Thanks Brother(s)

Hello People of the way!

It is nice to hear from someone (or a number of you!) who are not all that far away from me, as I do feel a little outside of the time-zone from the rest of the forum. I am situated just outside of Wigan in Lancashire (donít know whether you are familiar with it?)

I have never been to our beautiful green country but have often wondered what kind of an experience it would be Ė it looks so tranquil and so ďout of the trafficĒ Ė am I fantasising or is it like I imagine?

One of the things that has been running through my mind is - Are you a fellowship, a small group of believers or just a single person who is representing a number of folk? (Iím curious!)

Anyhow, thanks so much for you reply it is very interesting and - it seems to put a lot of things into place. I donít know whether the lake of fire is in the heart of the earth (I could be wrong!) but I have always thought that once the earth and heaven have fled away that death & hell were cast into that lake.
But if you have any thoughts on this I would be very interested in hearing them though.

I am also curious as to whether you have managed to purchase a genuine 1769 PCE, as I havenít a clue where to get hold of one. Even though the KJB that I have has kept most of the list that Bibleprotector has mentioned it has altered some of the words such as; ensample into example, Spirit into spirit (Gn.1). it has maintained the traditional English usage of honour rather than honor but 5 out of 10 doesnít cut the mustard with me, I want what God has said!

The version that I own was published by Zondervan, it is a giant print edition (something that I truly need!) with no notes (just text) and I thought that I had the very words of God, that is, until I entered this forum. Now, not only am I without the genuine KJB, I donít even know where I can get a copy! Have you any suggestions?

The Book shops that I know havenít got a clue around here! (Help!)

God bless

And thanks for your response