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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
Yes, well I think we can agree on this to a point, I actually made a post about it here a while back, let me know if you want it and I'll find it for you. As for the banning, you'll have to take that up with the owner of the site, because I never banned any of them. However I must admit I have been relieved to see some of the trouble makers get canned. Plenty of other forums for spreading leaven and arguing.

Eh??? Let me read your post again; are you saying that because Brandon chooses to ban people he is a "Pharisaic separationist" and that's why you're not a Baptist? LOL, whatever... here's what I think; we all know the reason you will never be a Baptist has a lot more to do with doctrine than it does Ruckman or any forum. And you seem to be stereotyping all Baptists as bloodcurdling Pharisees, which I assure you is not the case. At any rate, WHO CARES if you are a Baptist or not? Certainly not me, so why bring it up? Unless you simply have a problem with Baptists... At any rate, your post is quite peculiar.

Well maybe I can comfort you a little. Actually I have no "objection" with quoting or referencing scripture at all, (I often do this myself) UNLESS it being done to spread false teachings. Don't forgetócults do it all the time, and some of them use the KJV same as us! (2 Pet. 3:14-16)
Brother, my response is not peculiar at all. If I had an objection to anyone being a Baptist, I would not be in this forum. Here I am, a dissenter to one of the fundamentals of IFB faith and practice, "following the Lord in believer's baptism", yet I feel welcome as a fellowsoldier by the webmaster and the other members, you included. I don't feel a whit behind any Christian in this forum, and hope I have reciprocated in that though we disagree on water baptism, not a single one of you is behind me in knowledge and faith.

This is my problem and not yours but I find it a bit disquieting to say "you can quote all the Scripture you want BUT..." I'm not speaking for Matthew, he is quite able to speak for himself without me, Matthew's quotation of Romans 14 was not to support the anti-KJV position, but a commentary on Christian practice between Christians. It was between you and him. But you did the same thing to me in the water baptism thread and then said not to even address you over there anymore on the topic of the thread. It's my personal opinion you don't have any Scripture to counter my position over there and it's fallen upon poor brother George to bell the cat with me over there, the church splittin' dry cleaner, and I am smiling saying that. I call that a peeky-boo defense, like a boxer. I think we need Scripture to back what we feel is sound doctrine is all. I understand your position with false teachers, but you don't say to a JW well, it don't matter how much Scripture you quote, Jesus Christ is God! He won't believe you. Jesus didn't say that to Satan in Matt. 4. He gave Scripture to counter him. That's all I ask. I've been trained to resist interrogation by torture, what someone says of their own opinion just bounces off me. What I do not resist is Scripture. Don't think for an instant I am persecuting Baptists. I rail just as fervently against the anti-evangelism of the Stamite teachings which is rooted in Calvinism and their rejection of there being an inspired Bible as I do the needless practice of water baptism as an "ordinance". Perhaps I am misunderstanding you in this statement I find disquieting, maybe it was worded wrong, a strict reading of what you said defines me and Matthew Ward as false teachers, we quoted Scripture to you, you objected to it on that count.

Brother, you and I are united in the clasp of the right hand of fellowship, and you are the one that has to let go.

Grace and peace to you brother Parrish