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Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by Mathew Ward View Post
The Word of God is the final authority on spiritual matters.
Yes, well I hope we can agree on that brother, and I hope we can agree what constitutes the Word of God. I can appreciate that you "read from the KJV" and have done so since you were a child.

Looking at your blog today, you seem to have the opinion that multiple versions contain the Word of God, and that because the MV’ers have the oldest manuscripts (MSS) and "them believing that the oldest MSS are the best MSS," that this is a "VERY VALID ARGUMENT."

I think the general consensus on THIS forum is that the multiple versions on the market today are a distraction at best and a dangerous ploy of the Devil at worst, and the multiple versions used by those "qualified, well meaning men" who use them constantly 24/7/365 days a year to correct, attack and confuse the message of your INERRANT Bible, are doing great damage to the cause of Christ.

Anyone who listens to Christian radio or attends a liberal church will see that there are men who CONSTANTLY seek to put themselves and their "scholarship" and their latest "version" ABOVE THE KJV.

The publisher of the NIV has sold more than 215 million copies worldwide, and this is only one extremely corrupt example which has caused considerable confusion worldwide—removing the word "begotten" from John 3:16, says that Jesus couldn't grasp equality with God in Philippians 2:6, removes the name "Jesus" in 38 places, completely removes the word "Godhead" from the Bible, completely removes the word "sodomite" from the Bible, removes the word "hell" 40 times, and changes EVERY MENTION of people "worshipping" Jesus to a mere "knelt."

Clearly there is more going on here than "competing scholarship," and some of us have been watching it for a long time.

By the way is that your son? he's a fine looking boy, I know you must be thankful for such a beautiful family brother. God bless you as you continue in His Word...