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Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
I been saved since around march this year. I thank God for sending His Son to die for my sins. My joy would be complete if not weren't because my family (most of them) are still unsaved. Though I tried witnessing to them, I’m sad to say I'm not the best person to witness to them. I'm born again, and I thank the Lord Jesus for it, but I'm still struggling with certain sins in my life, have a bad history with them because of past sins, and my fellowship with the Lord it's not the best right now. I pray, and I ask you my brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray that the Lord Jesus will open their eyes and use a godly man or woman to show them the gospel, that they might be saved (like he did with me). I understand they not believing what I say because of my mistakes of the past, so my hope right now it's that the Lord Jesus will use another believer because I find my self (right now) kind of useless.
I feel for you brother Rolando, most of my family are unsaved too, but I havn't lost hope for them, and I encourage you not to either. They will be watching you carefully now that you are a new creature, God will use you in their sight regardless of how "useless" you may feel, you belong to the Lord now, you are His property, and He will shine His light through your life.

The thing with human beings is that we all have different hearts, and God is the only one who can truly read them. Some people get saved young, some old, some when they hear the gospel the 1st time, some when they hear it the 50th time. Keep praying daily that the hearts of your unsaved family members will be opened to the truth of the gospel, and keep witnessing to them, living the gospel in front of them, and watch the Lord work. Only God knows if they will get saved or not, and when, so don't get impatient waiting, you just focus on growing in the Lord and obeying Him...that is the best thing you can do for your family.

I hope you are attending a good Bible believing & preaching church, being rooted and grounded in God's word, the King James Bible. Invite your family to the services, if you havn't been baptised yet consider it seriously and get your family along to witness it, then they will see you mean business!