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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
"Filthy Catholics?"
Come on King, I can appreciate what you are saying about conspiracies, certainly there are some sinful Hebrews out thereóbut they are only human after all, and so we can find wickedness everywhere. In the end I think you will agree that we wrestle not against flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12).

But I have to say your attack on Catholic people is cause for concern.
I have no use for RCC doctrine, but your post above seems to go beyond that. I don't watch any of those commentators "religiously" by any means, nor do I agree with them all the time, but I'll take Hannity, OíReilly and Ingraham over the rants of Dan Rather and Jeremiah Wright any day!
These people are guilty of advocating the murder of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iraqis. I actually believe these guys I mentiond by name in the media are worse than filthy. Catholics in general and especially the poor little guys that illegally came into this country aren't all that bad with me. Especially when I give tracts to the illegals and watch them start reading the tracts immediately instead of continuing a conversation with me. The illegals in my area still have a pretty humble spirit about them and I have been in the homes of more illegals during visitation than I have of blacks, whites and all of the others combined.

I didn't mean to sound like I hate catholics. But I must admit I'd hate to have an opportunity to punch old Hannity in the face. If he treated me like he did old Ron Paul I might have slapped a Jake the snake DDT on him. But instead of pouring a snake on him I'd pour tracts, Bibles and constitutions on him.

And again, in general I like catholics especially the old average joes out there. Some of them may be rough but they seem to have some common sense.