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Originally Posted by JaeByrd View Post
For me too.

Brandon and I also had a "letter courtship". He lived in California and I lived in Hawaii. In our months of writing we got to know each other very well. I highly suggest that form of getting to know each other. Face to face or phone calls just aren't the same as writing heartfelt letters focusing on what you believe, want, hopes, dreams etc. Where you're more your real self and less likely to let the physical attraction of how good someone looks override the importance of WHO they are and WHAT they believe.

He was NIV+ at time. While in Hawaii getting to know my family he brought the KJV question up with my Dad who went over verses with him and answered his questions. We went out and got him a KJB and he started studying it himself. You can see where his studies took him.

We got married soon after that. This summer made 14 years for us.
The LORD truly blesses some people in many different ways and to find that soul mate is a wonderful thing. I still havent found the right Girl, mainly because I wasnt dating Christian Girls (Before I came back to the LORD) but I know in my heart that the LORD will bless me with her when he sees fit.
Maybe shes typing the very same thing on another forum somewhere else, you never know! But God does.
And may he continue to bless both you and Brandon for many more years to come