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Originally Posted by PaulB View Post
Hi all!

Having read your links and I must say that they are interesting and I do appreciate your help, do you think that it is then a wrong thing to do for a man to cover his head when praying or prophesying?

I canít accept the interpretation of the womanís covering within this context being her hair, because when you apply that rule of interpretation to the context then it makes it sound like a man is dishonouring his head if he is not bald when he prays!

I agree that long hair is a covering but I donít think that this is what is being meant here, as it seems as though Paul is referring to the natural order of things (i.e. masculine feminine appearances) to get them to see his point. Believe me when I say that I am not being sexist here in any way or trying impose rules upon women but I honestly seek to know what this means (after all, I donít want to dishonour my head if I am praying with my hair on do I?)

Any other thoughts?

God bless

The covering is not just "hair." It is defined or described or clarified in verse 15 as "LONG HAIR." So, the man's hair SHOULD NOT be long...that would constitute his head being "covered." Look at verse 4, then at verse 14. It is about the distinction between men and Rev. 9:8, "And they had hair as the hair of women,..." If we BELIEVE I Cor. 11:15, then the "hair of women" is "long hair," as opposed to the hair of men, which should NOT be long.

I cannot see how verse 15 could be any clearer...a woman should DESIRE to have "long hair," there is a colon after the first phrase indicating that an explanation is coming, then there's the word "for" (can we agree that's going to mean 'because,?') and the word "covering" obviously referring back to "long hair."

I, too, am interested in hearing everybody's thoughts on this, but maybe I should warn you, I AM a literalist!