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To those who say that tithing is just Old Testament law, I disagree because Abraham gave tithes long before the law. The law wouldn’t be given for several hundred years yet. When Jacob got right with God in Genesis 28, he immediately made a vow to bring a tenth of everything God gave him. This, too, was before the law.
I knew someone would bring this up. It is also mentioned that Jacob (Israel) paid tithes in Abraham. This is a foreshadowing of the Law that was to come.

I have no objections to tithing, but to constrain Church members under a law, NO. Paul plainly taught that giving was not to be by constraint, when he asked for a gift. But in showing forth by those who were involved, the love of Christ that was in them.

So what was a law of tithing to Israel, is like the Sabbath law. It does not extend to Grace. But unfortunately, these huge Denominational Monoliths cannot exist without tithing.