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Default More about slavery

I should apologize about continuing conversation about slavery in a post referring to a marraige question, but I'll link the two subjects together by remembering that when Cher Bono filed for her divorce from Sonny, she cited "involuntary servitude" as the reason.
The prohibition against stealing people would outlaw any servitude other than a voluntary contractual arrangement, such as paying off a debt. Any force or deception used in establishing this arrangement would merit the death penalty. The 6 year time limit established an upper limit on how much debt a person could run up. Much of the slavery in the ancient world and all of American slavery was initially established by force and any participation in the business would be condemned under the laws in Exodus.
To Paul B regarding the intentional terminology confusion between "servant" and "slave": I have a post in the BIBLE VERSION forum posted on 3/14/09 showing how the NIV incorporates deceptive use of this confusion in a way that would support an unbiblical doctrine.
Also, 1 Timothy 1:10 is the verse reference I should have quoted; glad you caught that.