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Default Hi Bill!

Hey Amanda….we got one! I knew that if I said something controversial that we would eventually entice someone to join in with us and guess what? - it worked!

Hi Bill – thanks for your input, I take your point concerning Moses and I take what I said back. Perhaps I was a bit too quick in naming him as a man who committed murder. My intention was to use this example to express the way in which God uses sinners (despite their open failings) and my haste lead me into an error on that particular point, so thanks for pointing that out!

Whatever the case, Moses knew that his actions would probably lead to his death so as a result he fled for his life (I think that it was murder in Pharaoh’s eyes) but an act of bravery on Moses part in trying to deliver his kinsfolk.

Although I don’t agree with your point concerning Exodus 21:16 – as this is speaking about taking someone who does not belong to you and then selling him – the passage is condemning theft trade.
Your reference to 1 Tm.1:8 is a couple of verses out – I think that you mean 1 Tm.1:10 “menstealers”.
Again, this is speaking on the issue of kidnapping/ abduction and not slaves.

Now the Bible is clear concerning the role of a servant, as these were very much a part of OT culture, it was a living for them and more. Some even became inheritors of their master’s estate if they had no kinsmen after many years of faithful service. The NT even encourages a right relationship between masters and servants but it doesn’t condemn servanthood (which many people mean when they use the word slave).

I like your points on many wives though – thanks again for joining in with the conversation!

God bless