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Default Re: murder and slavery mentioned in first post

To Amanda S: First, welcome to the forum.
Second; I disagree that Moses committed murder. The Egyptian he killed was assaulting a Hebrew and Moses defended the person being assaulted.
Moses was acting outside the laws of Egyptian slavery but not outside God's law and that's why Moses was never reproved, as David was for his murder of Bathsheba's husband.
Third: It's not true that the Bible never condemns slavery. Exodus 21:16 specifies the death penalty for both trade and ownership. 1Timothy 1:8 condemns menstealers.
I think that it was specified in the instructions God gave to Israel that a man was supposed to marry the widow of a brother or close relative to keep the family line going. However, Kings were warned against multiple marraiges and kings (such as David and Solomon) who ignored God's instructions got themselves in trouble because of that.