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Bro. George you said:

Please check out the following Links (there are hours of viewing & hearing, and reading) to see what is taking place WITHIN the so-called "Fundamentalist's ranks" in the good ole U.S.A.

Hyles/Anderson College and many of those men associated with it are "switching" their "FINAL AUTHORITY" in all matters of faith and practice from the English Holy Bible (the King James Bible) to the "HEBREW" and "GREEK". {The videos & audio are from Jack Schaap and several Hyles/Anderson College Professors - in their "own words". There is also a short "critique" by Gail Riplinger demonstrating what is taking place.}

Please check the following Links:

This is the same "road" that practically every single so-called "Fundamentalist Christian Institute" of higher learning has taken in the United States in the last 60-75 years. This is the "broad way" (road) that leadeth to destruction (i.e. Apostasy) "and many there be which go in thereat."

The lesson is clear for all genuine Bible believers - do NOT place your trust in men, especially famous Christian "Celebrities".
Bro. I would also like to add that we should not put our trust in a movement either....The Fundamentalist movement is in the process of apocitizing (if it hasn't happened already!). Us Bible Believers in an effort to seperate ourselves from this apostacy and to identify ourselves dropped "Fundamental" from our "name" awhile back....Making it Independent ... Bible Believing Baptist. I would not be surprised if in an attempt to seperate ourselves from the impending apostacy on this group we will need to change our "name" to something else.

Man sure does mess things up when we get involved don't we!? Let God be true and every man a liar...hold fast that which is good!

Just a few thoughts to back you up brother.