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Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by bibleprotector
and bewraying the fact that he does not really know what he is speaking about.
Amen.. and a very nice example of the King James Bible vocabulary adding to the richness of today's English. I really appreciated the sharing on the distinction between betray and bewray.

Originally Posted by bibleprotector
He makes some astonishing false statements ... “Therefore, what the translators did in 1611 was not complete, because it was missing 47 words”. In reality, the version text and translation were complete, and the translators cannot be charged with producing an inferior work.
And if Luke or Peter misspelled a word, or gave a word that was clarified by an amenusis, does that mean that should be accused of uninspiration ? I trow not ! It is the whole process of giving scripture that is inspired of God. :

2 Timothy 3:16
All scripture is given by inspiration of God,
and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

And thus every individual who is a part of this process is a part of the inspiration process. Trying to fragment and dissect against this process, which has given us the fully pure and perfect King James Bible, is only the wiles of men.

Originally Posted by bibleprotector
He makes the erroneous assumption that what is printed in 1611 must be the translators’ intended work as far as every last detail of the presentation. But since it is clear that the translators did not intend nor were the authors of the printing errors, already it can be pointed out that the translators cannot be summarily be blamed for doing an incomplete work.
There should be no "blame" even if the King James Bible was perfected more excellently in 1629 or 1638 or any other time. The process of the giving of scripture involved many ages and men, the King James Bible translators of 1611 being one central fulcrum, the Bible authors and their helpers another, and many others, known and unknown. Tyndale and the Geneva Bible translators and the TR labourers and many others (at the times of the NT authors and later) can be considered a part of the whole process.

Originally Posted by bibleprotector
He argues: 1. Words were added later. 2. Therefore the 1611 translators’ work was incomplete. 3. Therefore the translators were not inspired.
And thus, if Luke or Peter or Isaiah omitted a word that was corrected by their friend, or postal companion, or translator or another, they were not inspired ? This question arises whether the enhancement or correction arises an hour later, or a week or a year or a decade or a century. Perhaps Mark wrote in Latin or Greaco-Latin and a later Greek translator did some vocabularly tweaking, adjusment, formalization. Do summit-men claim that all such transmission possibilities are impossible ? On what basis ? (If so .. perhaps The declarations of Warfield.)

Overall, I can understand a little better the hesitation to apply "inspiration" to the men used of God rather than to scripture. Something at least to consider. However in that case we have a category error (in the attempt to un-inspire the 1611 work and men) -- rather than an accusation against the King James Bible. The KJB 1611 is scripture, therefore according to Timothy it is given by inspiration of God.

As I have explained above, I also do not think we have any need to claim absolute perfection (putting aside the presentation issues) in the extremely pure 1611 King James Bible. Having absolute perfection in the pure Bible in our hands, such as many regard the PCE, is both wonderful and the basic need. The KJB 1611 labours have been, clearly, one major part of this pure Bible process. King James Bible defenders I believe help themselves and others when they emphasize the whole process of the Reformation Bible, the pure word of God, leading unto the purest "Received Text", the King James Bible, giving us, the ploughman and even the scholar the pure word of God, 100% pure and perfect, inspired and preserved. Thank you Lord Jesus for your pure word.

Steven Avery

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